The Day in the Clouds Challenge - Wed. Jun. 24th

One hour.
Brain-busting questions.
Mile-high prize packs.

On Wednesday, June 24th, Google Apps and Virgin America invited the brave and the willing, the airborne and the earthbound to embark on the “Day in the Cloud Challenge,” the first online scavenger hunt played simultaneously in the air and, well, everywhere else.

We set up the top scorers with their own personal "Year in the Cloud," complete with a brand-new HP netbook and 1 terabyte of Google Account storage for photos and mail—all of which will come in handy when they fly free for a year on Virgin America with complimentary WiFi.

For those who couldn't get enough, the game is now open to play whenever and as often as you like. (And, this time, we've even included the answers.)

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